Friday, November 10, 2017

NaNoWriMo day 10 [hitting 25k]

My last session went slow. I even lost track of time as I was writing and is a bit unsure of when I actually started. Usually I always start full hour but this year I have started when I felt like it which makes me lose track of time.

I think I began before 19 (7pm), I think 18:50 (6:50pm) but unsure. Somewhere in that ballpark and I didn't stop until 20:34 (8:34pm) which is almost two hours(!) later, where did the time go? And that's an insane amount of time for only getting 1,2k!

It took away a bit of the joy of hitting 25k actually, that it went so slow without me noticing. I need to get better at time management. More sprinting and less aimlessly wandering down the page. Next time I will set an alarm so I know for certain.

And I have to stop beginning at odd times!

Day 10: 2 288 words
Total word count: 25 592 words
Target, day 10: 16 666 words

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