Wednesday, November 01, 2017

NaNoWriMo 2017 - day 1 [hitting 5k]

If I had written this last night this text would have been all capitals raving about how shitty my text is because I hated it. First two hours or so I kept on writing and deleting over and over again, I couldn't find what I wanted to say so I couldn't even scrape together 600 words.

And then I switched character view and started to just rant. All of a sudden I had over 2k. But it was all shit. I moved to my other computer (bigger screen) to look through it all and to see what I could salvage which upped the word count even more and all of the sudden it was after 5am and I had 3213 words.

Not all of them are shitty, some pretty nice. I sat down today with the goal of writing 2k more. And I did. Though my second 1h-session was at risk since I (as every year) forgot I should not eat dinner before writing because it makes me sluggish.

So, for the first time these four years I hit 5k on day one instead of day 3 which is the day you're supposed to. I also broke my record for wordiest day (last year's 4k+ on day 1). Since I hit 5k I will award myself with a 2l coca-cola tomorrow :)

Today is therefore the wordiest day I will get this year: 5 251 words.

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