Sunday, October 22, 2017

Inhumans, the trainwreck I cannot look away from

I saw episode 5 (of 8) of Inhumans today and I'm still not invested in the series. More than half has aired and I'm still MEH about the characters, the script, the scenery, the acting and so forth. They had a chance to do something cool and they threw it out the window.

Spoilers below.

Medusa's hair is among the worst CGI I have ever seen and in one way I'm glad they shaved off her hair but on the other it's rather annoying that she barely got to tap into her powers at all before they took them away. Then again, for actually being inhumans there has been very little inhuman activity if we don't count Gorgon's stomping and Lockjaw's teleporting. Oh and yeah Auran coming back to life over and over again. Nothing to get excited about.

There isn't even ONE character I root for. I want to kind of root for Maximus but that's mostly because I think the actor is good (but not even he truly get to shine here, especially if you compare to his acting in GoT). I would like to root for Medusa but most of the time I just want to punch her entitled face. Black Bolt mostly look constipated and I have no clue who he really is. Also, why didn't ANYONE except the queen actually bother to truly learn to speak with him? Seems stupid.

Karnak I kind of like-ish. To be fair, I liked him more with his love interest who went "Bye now" at the end of the latest episode so I'm guess it's back to meh again. I also liked Locus in a way (who is now dead so back to meh), especially when she tried to get through to Black Bolt about how the system is fucked up and that it needs to change. Black Bolt at least seem to get where Locus was coming from (a kind of yay-moment) while Medusa did not urgh.

I feel that Black Bolt might have been a good ruler if it wasn't for that entitled, shitty queen he has by his side who treats everyone like lesser beings. I mean, Louise tell her about her dad's ashes and she couldn't even care less? At least fake some kind of decency!

You can't have a cast where almost all of them are characters you don't like. I even found the vet and her ex's story more intriguing than the whole concept of inhumans and them living on the moon with special powers... I think that says a lot, especially since the vet and her ex has only been on screen for a few minutes in total.

Despite all this I just cannot not look. I want to know. But seriously it's been five episodes and nothing much has happened and first season is supposed to be 8 episodes all in all. Basically I can sum it up so far with: Maximus takes throne, everyone scatter around Hawaii, takes forever to find each other and has now after five episodes done so... well except for Crystal and Lockjaw. That's it!

Spoilers over.

If you haven't watched this show I wouldn't recommend starting unless you have nothing else to watch. I give it 2 out of 5 stars and then I'm being nice.

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