Friday, October 20, 2017

Does First come from the speedy planet? [Star Trek Voyager]

I just watched season 6 episode 16 "Collective" of Star Trek Voyager and became a little confused by the markings on one of the characters.

In episode 12 "Blink of an eye" Voyager encounters a planet where time goes by much faster than everywhere else in the universe. They send the doctor who end up living and blending in there for three years (their time), for example by adding the race's facial markings on himself. I remember that because when he got back they mentioned they should fix him back to his old self and he was unaware for a moment what they meant until they signalled his forehead. That is why now when I watched "Collective" just a few days later that I still had the facial markings fresh in mind.

First, is the leader of the borg children and from what I can see he has the same marking as the doctor had. Which basically look like someone clicked something gooey on a plate and then dragged a spoon through it for fancy look. But how could that be? Last time we heard of that planet they hadn't figured out how to transition bodies to normal time without problems (high risk of death). They could have managed to fix that little kink now considering some centuries could have gone by since Voyager left them but I feel like Janeway should have made some kind of comment about this when seeing the children but she didn't.

Person from the speedy planet to the left and First to the right. I feel it's the same marking!

What do you think?

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