Saturday, October 21, 2017

Being nice to get into pants, that tiresome thing again [Star Trek Voyager]

In season 6 episode 18 of Star Trek Voyager a crew member who has been gone for years come back, and rekindle her friendship with another crew member. I won't say more than that to not spoil anything but the episode itself really only works if it's seen as a stand alone episode. This episode rewrites history quite a lot. But that's not what I wanted to bring up.

The returning character has a nightmare and goes to her old friend for support. He of course, as a good friend, tries to console her... but here it takes a bad turn. She asks him why he's always so nice to her and he reacts with "didn't you know? I like you!" and not like a friend... because he continues to tell her that he changed his classes at the academy to go to the same as hers, that he let her teach him to skate despite hating the cold and on. Which in turn insinuate that he was nice to her because he had a crush on her all these years.


Be nice to someone because you genuinely want to be their friend, not to get into their pants! Can we let this shit die out? Can MEN just let this shit die out? You're not a nice guy if you're only friends and nice to someone because you want to get into their pants. You're a nice guy if you're friends with someone because you genuinely like them as such.

So no, she shouldn't have seen it, that he was into her! He should have been nice to her because they were friends, that's it. Nothing more, nothing less.

Unfortunately this shit is still common in TV series, movies and actual life almost 20 years later. I just wish it wasn't. I can accept that Star Trek Voyager is old by now, but that will not stop me from calling shit like this out when I see it. Some day I don't have to endure watching that crap, but apparently today is not someday.

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