Saturday, September 23, 2017

Quick thoughts on The Last Kingdom season 1

Seen first season of The Last Kingdom today and I still don't like Uhtred, I find him to be an egotistical asshole who do before he thinks!

I was curious about the relationship between him and Brida so I of course googled and got some information from the books and some from newer seasons. Clearly people find her a sociopath who deserves everything that happens to her, she's unstable and yadayada.

So, I haven't read the books so maybe people who has find her more off her rockers but from what I have seen from season 1 I can understand her decisions and feelings. I mean, we see EVERYTHING from Uhtred's perspective and it goes quite some time between the times that we meet her again, we know nothing about what she's been through, her feelings and thoughts so maybe they're just as valid as Uhtred's? We only see one perspective in this war. Can't really call a person a sociopath and bat shit crazy when they're dedicated to something but just happens to be on the other side of the storyteller's position.

To be fair. I find Uhtred boring as shit, he's just an entitled asshole who goes through women like they're some prop next to him. Not that surprising that it's a man that wrote the books though...

Honestly, I would have loved to follow both Brida and Thyra's stories. What happened to them? What have they been through? What's going on their minds? But nah, let's follow this shitty dude who just happens to be in the right place at the right time.

Still going to watch season 2 whenever Netflix can be arsed to pick that up.

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