Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Orange [anime]

I felt I needed an anime in life again to binge so I scoured the internet for something fitting (high school and romance, my go-to genres in anime) and found Orange. I read a bit about it and found it interesting but kept on searching because I wasn't sure this was what I wanted to watch, but after some search I came back to it and decided to watch the opening.

That's btw how I always do it, I first read the plot and then watch the opening and if it's still interesting I give ep1 a go.

I like the design of the characters and I found them intriguing from the opening so I thought why not and started watching. This is a very calm and mellow series, the real pay off isn't until the last three episodes which makes sense with this kind of story-telling (without saying too much) but it's truly worth watching it all. It did however frustrate me a lot sometimes because Naho is such a scurdy cat, to the extreme.

All in all I really liked this show, it had an interesting message. It shows how important things you barely notice or don't think will make a difference can be to someone, how you can change someone's life by being there and truly seeing them, listening.

Unfortunately despite it's strong message and pretty good storytelling it might slip away in my mind in a few months, because it wasn't remarkable like for example Angel Beats! (seriously watch that one) but I don't think it deserves to be forgotten. Definitely four out five stars I say! Can't even pinpoint what would make it a five star.

Favourite character:
Suwa, no words needed, watch and you'll see.

Favourite scene:
When they all carry the mattress, maybe a bit heavy on the metaphor but I don't mind, I thought it was a smart scene.

Thing I wish happened:
Someone getting a punch on the nose, no names mentioned.

Heartbreaking scene:
All of episode 12

I think the pay off for me was when we got to see the other past, how it went down "the first time" and it was heartbreaking, it showed what reaching out a hand can do - how it can be the difference between happiness and misery, life and death. Breaking barriers and masks are important because you cannot always tell what is going on with someone, underneath.

Though personally I don't find N and K to be a good couple, I feel he take more than he give. To be fair though we did mostly see him the slumps, maybe he's a better partner when he feels better but despite that I feel like he takes advantage of N's kindness too much. I believe S and N is a better couple, he's just attentive as she is and more stable and gentle, which I think is something she needs considering how high strung she is and how she erases herself in favour of others. I think S and N complement each other better so it was nice to see a future with them, even though it seemed N only believed himself to be second choice and really, the only choice, because K was dead and not chosen on his own true merit - that must be an awful feeling.

I'm glad though that we didn't get to see this new future, not see them dig those letters up in 10 years because now it's more open ended on how they ended up (and with who). Though Azu and Hagita totally should hook up, just sayin'.

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