Wednesday, February 01, 2017

Thoughts on Travelers season 1 [SPOILERS]

A friend of mine recommended Travelers a little while back because it was "fantastic" so when I was out of interesting shows to watch and felt the need for some current/sci-fi (watched way too much historical series lately) I decided to give Travelers a try.

After seeing 4 episodes out of 12 I said it wasn't really much memorable but something to pass the time. It had 3 out of 5 stars. I told my friend the series Continuum is better. Since I had nothing more interesting to watch I kept going.

I gave my friend a short review after finishing season 1. Since I wrote in Swedish I will paraphrase it here: Season get 4-4,5 stars overall. Overall good story writing, plus side that there were female writers and directors. Another plus was that two of the main leads were female (rather than just the single lady as usual) but I'm not sure the series passed the Bechdel test because neither really talked to other females, barely each other either - which is a minus. Tightly written, directed and cut to really streamline and without useless scenes. Overall a good TV series but Continuum is better.

I would be interested in seeing season 2 (if there will be one, I haven't seen any confirmations of that), there is much more to know about the future they come from. I have my thoughts about how the future is like but not going to spoil anything here. I do hope we get to delve more into the background of the travellers themselves.

Favourite character:
Trevor, I want to know more!

Best performance:
Reilly Dolman, I think he really does a great job at portraying an heroin addict (but I have no first hand experience of that, but from what I can tell I think it's really well acted).

MacKenzie Porter, I think she does a great job portraying the THREE versions of Marcy.

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