Thursday, February 16, 2017

Crazyhead: review

Finished watching Crazyhead a little while ago and I have already assembled the soundtrack on Spotify, because damn good music. Anyway. The moment I finished watching I wanted to rewatch the show and that seldom happens to me, it's just that good.

It has the vibe of a comic book one can say, almost surprised that it was not based on an already existing comic. I loved the witty dialogue and the far out shit these heroines say, but also some of the bad ass stuff... I mean, who can not love a show where one of the main female leads says to a man:
"You think having a dick makes you immune to danger, man, be serious" - Raquel, s1ep5

I have to say I loved Raquel as a character the most, I would love to have her as a friend and not only because she has a penguin onesie but because she's hilarious and weird and goofy and all the things that make an awesome friend. And that is also one of the things I really liked in this show, the friendship between people, so nice to see real, supporting (female) friendships.

Some say it's Buffy 2.0 but eh, that's like selling the whole "girl-you-would-not-expect-would-kick-ass-who-kicks-ass-and-slays-monster"-genre short. Not all shows that feature one or more female leads who slays monster needs to be a rip off of Buffy, it's just simply that Buffy did it first and did it well but we don't have to measure EVERYTHING against it just because it features similar stuff.

I think this show stands for itself. Buffy was never this quirky and foul mouthed. Crazyhead also has a whole different humour than Buffy. The one character from Buffy I could see in Crazyhead is probably Willow (when she was shy and awkward that is). I'm not going to delve more into comparing the shows, I rather say watch Crazyhead and make up your own mind instead.

Overall I give this 5 out of 5 stars and I do not throw those around on everything, mind you. This show is definitely for those who like more light hearted, funny but still kick ass versions of for example Van Helsing (Netflix) and Jessica Jones.

On a light to dark scale I'd say:
Crazyhead - iZombie - Wynnona Earp - Van Helsing - Jessica Jones

Best contemporary description:
Mix of iZombie, Wynnona Earp and Orange is the new black*
*OINTB mostly because the white, blond female lead reminds me a lot of Piper and her evolutio

Feminist comment!
I was surprised how well written it was since it was written by a man (Howard Overman) and in general that means the whole thing is filtered through the male gaze, but I feel it stayed pretty clear from that. Not that I seriously Bechdel tested, but the girls felt like real humans with good and bad sides not just pretty and/or sexy objects to gawk at. Without saying too much there's even a scene when one of the girls says what she sometimes do with her toe nails (not ladylike stuff)!

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