Sunday, January 29, 2017

Thoughts on Black Sails season 1-3 [Spoilers]

Just finished season 3 of Black Sails on Netflix, ironically on the same day people can see season 4 on Starz and one day before said season will appear on HBO Nordic... which I don't currently have (but is thinking about getting). I'm curious about season 4 which also is the last season for this pirate saga.

Overall it's a really well made show, I really like the acting, storytelling and scenery. It has some flaws though, one of them being that there's only male directors and writers (I think I saw one female writer). It's a sausage fest. Despite that, I found it entertaining.

I gave it four stars on Netflix but I'd say it's somewhere in the ballpark of 3,5-4,5 stars depending on the episode.

Favourite characters
Jack Rackham, been a favourite from the start, he seem genuine and to truly care about his friends. Love his comments. I also loved that we in season 3 got his back story, which explains why he does what he does and it really added to the character and explained his decisions.

Cap Flint. I find him intriguing, I am rooting for him against John Silver despite knowing that Silver will come out on top. He's such a layered character, with so much depth. Toby Stephens truly make Flint come to life, it's the small things like nods, twitches, side looks... crazy good acting.

Characters I don't like
John Silver. I get it, just as this is the story of Flint and the golden pirate era, this is also the story of how Long John Silver became the pirate he is known to be, but I just don't like the guy. In the beginning he was just an egotistical ass and now he's just a pompous egotistical ass, who thinks too much of himself (somewhat true but still). I just don't like him.

Eleanor Guthrie. As one of few women in this cast I really do want to like her but ugh, no. When she was the top dog of Nassau you would think that she at least would be smart enough to learn to fight and shoot to back up her words and her entitlement but nope. She also makes decisions which really isn't smart decisions. Max, who kind of rise to the same position as Eleanor does it better.

Two of my favourite moments
The death of Mr Dufresne, so satisfying.
Woodes and Rackham in the wagon

A moment I cried
When Charles Vane was hanged

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