Friday, January 06, 2017

Thoughts on Bitten season 1 [SPOILERS]

[Spoilers, I mean it!]

I just finished the first season of Bitten. It seemed to have potential from what I read about it beforehand, the premise seemed interesting and I didn't have anything else to watch. However. Eh.

This show ended up being something I just watched to pass time, to have something to watch because I didn't have anything else I was more keen on. It irked me numerous times. Elena is claimed to be this werewolf who can hold her own but numerous times the men decide for her, what is best for her, to "protect" her without her getting a say. She also one minute say "I love you" to one guy just to get together with another the next. Flaky at best, liar at worst.

I don't mind a good fight or a sex scene but urgh, they prolonged them way too much sometimes. In the first episodes it almost felt like they were trying to gather in a male audience since we saw the main heroine in the nude so often either because of changing or because of sex. And some times those sexy times really didn't add anything, on more than one occasion I was wondering what was happening with another character or wanted some information instead I had to look at two people going at it, bad storytelling I say. I also got bored on more than occasion with the fight scenes, I mean nice choreographed and all but could have been slightly shorter, not THAT interesting looking at people trashing everything in sight.

It also doesn't get much points if one look at the Bechdel test since the few named women in the show Elena, the main character and only female werewolf, actually talked to she talked about men with. Most of her time was spent with other men.

I can't say much about the wolf pack concept since I'm guessing that comes from the books but seriously... the hierarchy was a bit hard to follow in the grand scheme of the werewolf world and really, to kidnap one's own child instead of letting the mother in on the secret? So shitty. Also, kidnapping one's child like that probably worked back in the day but is probably way more risky today.

I will probably watch the other two seasons too if nothing else more interesting pops up but right now this really isn't worth more than 2.5-3.0 stars in my opinion.

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