Sunday, January 08, 2017

Review of Bitten [spoilers]

[Yes, as usual, spoilers]

Just finished Bitten and I have to say it grew on me... in the last couple of episodes. The second half of the third season were tighter, better storytelling and execution. It's like they had growing pains for 2,5 seasons instead of just 1 to 1,5 seasons as most other TV series do.

The fight scenes got better, less of the "let's throw in a sex scene here just because" and other weirdness like standing around talking or not running after someone*. I have to say though that I think it's good it didn't get renewed for a fourth season, it was pretty much done after this - neatly wrapped up.

I said before that it wasn't worth more than 2,5-3 stars and well with the last episodes in mind I will up that to 3,5. If I would just grade depending on the last few episodes I think I might have stretched as far as 4 stars even.

At least I can say it was worth watching it all, even though I at times wondered if it was. It got better with time, even if it took a very long time for it to do so. Not the worst I've seen but not the best either. It had it moments definitely.

Despite the reeking sexism in this show there was a nice moment there, when they all accepted Elena as alpha and I also liked how Clay accepted it. I am so darn tired of seeing shows were the woman get higher status than the man and he gets all cranky about it, was nice to see this.

And last, I want to mention Greg Bryk who really made Jeremy Danvers come to life. I was sad with him, I was frustrated with him and I found him to be an intriguing character. That was some really nice acting.

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*I am especially referring to season two finale. So many frustrating times where they like "yeah let's stand around here talking instead of running after the bad guy".

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