Sunday, January 08, 2017

Comment on Bitten s3ep5 [Spoilers]


Just finished watching Bitten season 3 episode 5 and I am so darn frustrated. Come on, Jeremy, would it have been too hard to have faked some humour? Or you know, find a funny bone somewhere inside?!

It would have been so easy to be like "Werewolves?! *laugh* They don't exist, you must have hallucinated! That's just crazy!" instead of going "I am a werewolf just like the boy you saw". Sigh. I mean, I know it would be against character but still, so damn frustrating! She was almost scot free and then she had to blurb her thoughts out...

I get they need to keep their secret but really, they need to be able to trust some humans I feel - for example mothers of their children (like several men seemed to have done, for example Antonio and Sasha). Too much paranoia about their secret going to be spilled.

But really, it's not THAT easy to tell the world "Hey, these people are werewolves" and get the world to go "Oh, really, I believe you" if these werewolves stay in human form and say "Nah, crazy person, wtf, werewolves don't exist".

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