Sunday, December 11, 2016

What faction I belong to in Divergent

This whole thing started because I stumbled over a list of MTBI Divergent Factions and found INFJ belong to Abnegation (Selfless) which I felt urgh about. I don't get it why INFJ always gets the Mother Theresa card, we are more complex than that. Anyway, it also said that if one is divergent one might also connect with Amity (Kind) and Erudite (Intelligent).

I got intrigued so I googled up a quiz which ended up being the one on the official website: the aptitude test. After going through the questions I got: Divergent. My two highest were Amity (Kind) and Candor (Truthful), in that order, which I feel fit me pretty well. My third were Abnegation... I thought that would be Erudite actually but that became 4th.

Since I was torn by some questions I decided to take the quiz again, to see if it would be much different. I ended up Divergent again. However. This time my two highest were Amity (Kind) and Abnegation (Selfless), in that order. Candor came 3rd and Erudite 4th (again).

So clearly Amity seem to be my go-to faction it seem, which is right in line with INFJ divergents, man I am boring!

Since I've only seen the first movie I don't know much about the world at all and the little the wiki had on it didn't say much, though I would not lie to keep the peace as Amity would, that's not me (I guess that's Candor in me haha). Anyway, just thought it interesting, so don't value too much into this.

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