Saturday, December 31, 2016

Together we can change the world in 2017

It's just 18h left of 2016 as I sit down to write this. I don't know what to say about this year, at the same time I have something to say otherwise I wouldn't sit here writing.

2016 have been devoured by death and misery, so much of it in the news that the victories we've made over the year for wrongly imprisoned people, the climate and everything in between have been swallowed up. The last few days I've gotten newsletters from all kinds of organisations I sign petitions for or follow with news of victories, that 2016 wasn't so bad. I want to focus on that yet there are people dying, starving, being raped right now all over the world.

Syria is still at war, Sweden is still selling weapons and the US have voted for a man who doesn't believe in climate change, who is sexist, who is racist and so on. Our world is in turmoil. It feels like we cannot go a certain amount of years before we want to wreck havoc. We can apparently not live on this earth without destroying oceans, killing each other and animals.

Despite all that I hope for a better 2017. Despite all that I must believe it will be better.

2016, the year many says we will want to forget in the future. Maybe. But I think it's important to remember when we are at our low, not forget because then we remake the same mistakes. I don't know though how to fix all the shit we've done in the past year, all the shit we've done nothing to change.

All I can focus on is to do my part. I have signed more petitions than I can count and shared more than I can count. I will continue to do so because it's my way to change things, because together we're strong, together we can change the world. I believe that we can stand against hate if we want, if all of us who is against it speak up instead of standing idle by as our peers vote for hate, throws around hate and grow hate in their hearts.

Who is with me?
Who dares to say something when a friend say a sexist joke? when a friend says racist comments? when a friend spews hate on LGBTQ+ people? when a friend...

Together we make the world better, one step at a time. Together the hate will not fester, together the hate will not overrun the world, together we can stand up for what is right.

Let's stand together in 2017.

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