Friday, December 30, 2016

New Year Quiz 2017

I created this quiz three years ago and it's now a tradition for me to do at the end of every year, hopefully this coming year a lot of it will come true because honestly the last two didn't. If you want to do this quiz please credit me :)

1. What are you going to do different in 2017 compared to 2016?
I'm going to move. I cannot stay in this shit hole another year, not another cold autumn/winter in this apartment. I'm going swimming in ocean and/or lake in the summer, didn't get a chance to this year because of shitty summer weather. Have a job (can't stress this one enough)!

2. Is there anything you missed in 2016 that you want in 2017?
Hanging out with friends
A job/money
A more peaceful world

3. Biggest wish right now?
To move and to get a job - tied first place.
Buy a dog - second place.

4. What movie/TV series/album/book/game do you look forward to?
Guardians of the Galaxy II
Beauty & the Beast
Wonder Woman

TV series are too many to list! No idea about music/book/game releases for 2017

5. What will you do to get better in your craft?
Doing all of them more regularly. *cough cough*

6. What will you do to get closer to your hopes and dreams?
Continue to apply to jobs. Try to get an internship if I can't get a job so I can get some experience. I need a foot in asap!
Photograph the jewellery I have and upload it to etsy (or other site).

7. What one thing would you like to do in 2017?


8. If 2017 was your last year alive what would you do?
Travel. Visit my parents. Write a will and write letters to those I love. Do something for others.

9. What do you want more of in 2017?
Money, friends, love, yoga, fun. Oh and a better world.

10. What do you want less of in 2017?
Loneliness, death and hate.

11. At the end of 2017 where would you like to see yourself both career wise and in your personal life?
Career: Permanent job
Personal life: Being able to hang out with friends irl

12. Do you see any changes coming or will your life stay the same the coming year? Explain your reasoning.
It better be, this year and the year before was rather underwhelming with no big changes (barely any changes at all actually). I also hope to get my first tattoo in 2017, that's always something! I just need to figure out how to pay for it first... and where it should be xD

13. If you could be someone else in 2017, who would you be and why?
If 2017 end up like 2016 I'd rather be whoever else than me as long as they have a well balanced life (on another planet).

14. What will you do to make the world a better place in 2017?
Continue to sign petitions, give to charity when I can and stand up for what is right and take the arguments when someone is royally stupid/hateful/misogynist/etc. instead of standing idly by.

15. What would you like to dare to do in 2017?
Get my first tattoo
Accept a job offer

16. Sum up your goal/dream/hope for 2017 in one sentence.That my life will change for the better.

Bonus: If you did this quiz in 2016 how did your prediction go?
I had some hopes and dreams for 2016 and much of it didn't happen, my life have been stuck this whole year with no big changes except that I now have bangs and for a short while had an extra hole in my earlobe (which is no more since the piercer made it crooked, so I let it close up, should redo it). I hope my prediction for 2017 will be better, mostly because I will go insane if things stays the same yet another year.

Want to answer? Do it!

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