Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Doubting my INFJness

So I stumbled over a website which claimed that people who think they are INFJ probably really aren't, they're probably INFP and there was a link to a test which should truly be the most correct out there. Ok, so I read the article and did the test and ended up being INFP so I redid it and I got INFP again, so I started to randomize my answers and still got INFP... no matter how many times I did it. The best I got was approx 50/50 between INFJ and INFP. So of course I started to doubt if I truly am INFJ. Though I don't know how reliable a test is if you only get one out of two when you randomize your answers, but still.

Naturally I started to read up on INFP and yeah well some of it kinda fit... but I never got that creepy feeling I get when reading on INFJ that the stuff fits so well. I of course did this after an exhausting social day (not good since I'm an introvert) while being sleepy... which wasn't my best idea. I mean, I read several article where they're like "here you see the very big differences between these two" and I was like, eh... I don't see it?

I just felt more and more confused as I read on, like I could agree to some parts on the INFP but those seemed to be a lot of the parts that are similar to INFJ, which just made me more confused. I went back to one of the tests I've taken in the past and read up on INFP and INFJ there because I remember reading about INFJ there and feeling "woah". So I thought if the INFP fits even better than INFJ I would feel an even bigger "woah".

I started by reading the INFP page and was like "Eh I'm not feeling it?" and proceeded to read the INFJ page and went "Yes, yes!". But since I had managed to make myself so insecure by googling around I did the test again and yes, it ended up being a strong INFJ as usual. Judging got 79%, totally crushing that little P.

So, now I feel at ease again. :)

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