Thursday, December 01, 2016

Cousin Abigail [Good Witch]

I can only go by the new seasons (2015 and onward) since I've never seen any of the previous Good Witch,  just so you know.

It's a  nice little series, not much drama or negative things happen - if they do, they resolve quickly, which I wouldn't expect either since it's a Hallmark show. However what truly makes my teeth grit is the Abigail Merriwick character, I cannot stand her, every time I see her I want to punch her teeth out.

Cassie always give people affected by Abigail's latest scheme some kind of advice that's basically "Oh she does what she does" and ends it with something that's basically turn the other cheek or fight harder for what you want than Abigail does, instead of telling her cousin to play nice. So annoyed with this.

In season 2 which I've just started watching Abigail even snatches her boss' investor to start her own shop. That's pretty low. She always keep doing shit either because she thinks it will be good for the person (no matter what they themselves say) or because of self interest.

I would enjoy this show so much more if this character didn't exist, I don't feel she brings anything at all to the show besides being a nuisance.

The show overall is one of those that can be a bit too much sugary sweet for you, especially well meaning Cassie, but it's nice to watch on a rainy day or when you just need something to idly watch that won't be too dramatic or disturbing, except for the annoying Abigail.

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