Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Comment on Wynonna Earp

Saw first season of Wynonna Earp, it was a so-so beginning but it got better. It had me in episode 10 when Doc said pink was a manly colour and Wynonna told him pink = girls, blue = boys and he says that in his day the fine ladies used to wear blue. They got in some actual historical accuracy!

How can I not like a series that casually brings up my number 1 argument when I end up in discussions about gender and the whole "things have always been like this".

Overall the series grew on me, it's interesting and I definitely want to see season 2. So, if you want to see some kick ass female characters and LGBTQ+ friendly show I'd recommend this.

Also, I find that Tim Rozon is pretty hot as Doc Holliday with the moustache and everything but when I see him without the face hair l I don't find him hot at all. How odd. He also looks a lot like Josh Hartnett in Penny Dreadful.

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