Saturday, December 17, 2016

Arrowverse crossover and the Netflix dilemma

I've been hooked on Legends of Tomorrow the last couple of days and just started s2ep7 just to realise it's part of a 4-show crossover (and is the last episode of the other parts, which means you don't get anything without having seen the others). Now, since I watch it on Neflix that gives me a bit of dilemmas.

First dilemma was that I had to find which episodes from each show that was part of this crossover because all websites were like "OMG crossover so and so time on TV" but after finding my way to Supergirl's wikipedia page I got the info I needed sneakily mentioned in the episode list.

The cross over is as follows:
Supergirl s2ep8
The Flash s3ep8
Arrow s5ep8
Legends of Tomorrow s2ep7

Second and biggest dilemma: Swedish Netflix. First of all, it doesn't even have Supergirl at all but it seems to only be the end of that episode that plays part of this crossover so maybe not THAT important, maybe I can live without that. Ok, so, The Flash... Swedish Netflix only have the first two seasons, not the third season which I need. Arrow, same thing, it has four seasons but not the fifth which features the crossover. So, the only of the four-part crossover Netflix actually have is the last part. And people wonder why some watch illegally? I don't.


This is something Netflix should work on, overall though they need to get some more shows in because I'm running out, right now I only have one series I want to see after this.

Something else Netflix should work on is coding to let viewers know it's cross-over and then link to the different episodes in order, no matter what series they come from. I think that would elevate the watching experience as a viewer.

So now I'm pondering about 1. watching it anyway 2. not watching it and instead watch OA (the other show I plan to watch) 3. skip it and watch ep8 since [SPOILER!!] a certain cool character, which I really like, will be in it.

Can't decide.

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