Saturday, November 19, 2016

The big novel problem of 2016

This have never happened before, but there's a first for everything I guess. When I began my NaNoWriMo project I couldn't decide if I should write in 1st POV (which have become my natural go-to after 3 fantasy projects [on going]) or 3rd POV limited which used to be my favourite POV and the one I always used.

I asked in the forums and people were like "Omg, 1st is so hard, here are the pitfalls, beware" and I couldn't see why it was so hard, I've never fallen into those. At the same time people told me that children's books are in third usually, no one could give me a book for 9-12yo written in 1st, since that is more common for young adult.

I tried writing a snippet in third and a snippet in first, didn't help, felt equally good. So, I went with the norm. I shouldn't have done that.

I have after 42k words realised it would have flowed better and been less flat if I had gone with 1st POV because the one pitfall I was warned about with 1st POV I'm doing with 3rd. They warned me not to start every sentence with "I" which I kind of did when I began 1st POV but no longer do, however I do the 3rd POV equivalent now... I begin so many sentences with "Celia..." or "Grandma..." that I have realised 3rd POV doesn't come as easy for me anymore (fuuuuck).

I had this cool idea about a pet seagull in the story but writing from 3rd POV have made his contribution small and not so consisent. I also don't know how to handle the fact that Celia is the only one who understand him so when they all have a discussion his answers are written as "caa-caaw" while that would have been easier in 1st POV I feel to integrate directly since it would be from Celia's POV.

So yeah. Thinking about swapping POV in 2nd draft. Unsure how good idea that is, or if I even should do it, or if I should just let this story die after 1st draft. I am however going to continue writing in 3rd for the remainder since it's now just 8k left before I hit 50k, uncertain how many words until it ends. Just a few days I thought it might go beyond 50k, now I'm worried it might not even hit 50k since all my scenes are so short all the time, like rushed.

I will however read this draft through in January or something and see if it really sucks as much as I think it does in 3rd. If it does then I have to really think about switching, to get the magic I want to be there.

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