Saturday, November 19, 2016

Sleepy Hollow, season 3 [SPOILERS]


I began watching Sleepy Hollow season 3 fully aware that the character Abbie Mills would die in the final episode of the season. I also knew who would take her place from season 4. Now, season 4 hasn't begun yet so no idea how they will actually pull it off.

Overall I felt this season lacked in storytelling and binding me as the previous two seasons, I also felt myself a bit more annoyed at the fact that Ichabod Crane seems to not be bad at anything (that's not a good well rounded character in my opinion) and that the flashbacks have begun to be hard to pinpoint on a timeline of events (since I don't know US history that well probably).

So, most of all I watched the season to see how they would handle Nicole Beharie (Abbie) leaving and I have to give it to them, they did give a nice conclusion to the Abbie/Ichabod relationship with him talking to her in the in-between place. It was also interesting how they came up with a solution to the whole witness thing.

But! It annoyed me when it seemed like the whole witness thing revolved around Ichabod when Abbie mentioned his mentors and partners and she has given him all she can, but that his journey continues. It then sounded like it had been about him all along, that one witness, while it has always been stated how the TWO witnesses need each other and are EQUALLY IMPORTANT. So, yeah, it irked me, even though I cried and felt the feels.

However, they did manage to reel it in when we got the explanation from Abbie's dad on how it works, that her soul essence will find someone else in her bloodline and awaken that person, since the witness soul is through bloodline and immortal. Tricky way of doing it but I can go with it.

Now, I would have felt it more logical that Jen, which is a character that already has a relationship with Ichabod and which we all know well, would take on the mantle. Or maybe Sophie, the new agent we got to know this season whose parents mysteriously disappeared when she was young, would be a witness. Instead it seems that character will be just guest appearing in season 4, so my question is, what was her purpose, why make her a title character (one of those who gets their face on the intro) just to discard her the next season? I'm guessing they had plans for her but that things changed with Nicole Beharie leaving and the whole show moving from Sleepy Hollow to Washington D.C.

Lastly, I am also unsure about the move. I will keep an open mind but just as there being two witnesses they have always made Sleepy Hollow seem like a special place so eh, feels a bit odd.

I will wait and see (to whenever Netflix cares to update with s4 after it has aired) but I'm unsure if they will pull it off, since I felt s3 already was so-so. Only upside I feel right now is that John Noble seem to come back as Henry, I really like John Noble (watch Fringe!!).

PS! Also sad that Nicole Beharie is leaving because I feel she and Tom Mison really work well together, I will miss that chemistry. DS.

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