Wednesday, November 09, 2016

NaNoWriMo, day 9

The fact that I managed to reach my daily goal today makes me proud. I was up until after 7am this morning following the US election on CNN, Aftonbladet and of course twitter. I saw how a sexist, racist and climate change denier took a hold of the US map and painted it blood red.

I cannot say I'm surprised, a part of me expected this because of Brexit which took me completely by surprise. I realised that if the Brits could do it the so could the Americans. And yet again we saw how older white people voted for racism and the younger crowds against it. It saddens me now and I'm scared of the next four years and where the world will be by then but it also gives me a hope for the future thanks to my generation.

So, I managed to get 1k first hour which went fairly ok, filled out the text from the day before so it was a bit better, still word poop but better. Next session I managed to scramble together over 1k which was nice but when I was done I was glad I was done for the day. I word pooped a bit there too because I haven't had time to research Iceland enough because you know, election and feeling despair.

I did write they were going to a certain place on Iceland until I researched it and realised it would cost a lot of moulah so nah, they get to go to another place instead. I just wanted the other because it pretty well known.

I'm functioning without coffee today since I slept through the daylight hours so not to fuck up my sleeping schedule because of that damn election I go without coffee today, which makes me even more proud I could whip together something. Hopefully that means I will go to bed way earlier than after 7 xD

Day 9: 2350 words (go me!)
Total word count: 21 788 words (soon half way!)
Target, day 9: 15 000 words

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