Tuesday, November 08, 2016

NaNoWriMo, day 8

First session went great, I wrote over 1,1k (don't remember exact number) and I had fun. Then I decided to make dinner before doing the second session which was a bad thing.

My dinner was so sturdy that I think 95% of the blood in my brain went to my stomach, despite not eating so much that I had food coma. So It took 1h and 30 minutes to even get myself to scrap together the less than 1k needed to pass 2k.

Like seriously, I updated the stats on my phone and it was missing like a hundred words and it took me like fifteen minutes to get so much of them together that I could say "Done for the day". It's all crap, they basically do NOTHING, NOTHING AT ALL. It also isn't coherent in a way that melts into each other nicely. Ugh.

I do hope I can shape it up a bit tomorrow and flesh it out. Now it's like "They saw a sunset, pretty, yay, then they left, good bye". A bit more words than that but you get the gist of it.

This even went easier and better to write! I have a head ache, I'm feeling tired and I want to curl up like a ball. Not the best writing mood. Let's hope for better tomorrow (and that I'll wake up to Hillary Clinton being president not Trump because then I will definitely curl up like a ball, but hey after Brexit anything can happen).

It's so sad though because I had over 1k after first session and wanted to go for over 2k overall for the day but nah, of course not. Dammit! Well, at least I reached my minimum day goal.

Before next session: figure out WHICH CITY they will go to next (and fill that in in the gaps where I wrote "[name]" today, oh and figure out what it is to see there. Mmkay.

*rolls over and dies*

Day 8: 2028 words
Total word count: 19 438 words (should have been 19 600+ dammit)
Target, day 8: 13 333 words

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