Monday, November 07, 2016

NaNoWriMo, day 7

YAAAAAAAAAWN. I am so tired right now, or rather I think I am but my body isn't so if I would in fact lay my head on the pillow I would be wide awake... but I yawn so wide. So, I am not promising a coherent update today.

First session went well, went over 1k, even into 1,1k if I remember correctly despite that I wasn't feeling it, I felt a bit stressed because of shit that needed to be done and to manage to get those 2k out before midnight... and so on but I did it.

Second session was a bit calmer. I had done what I needed to do, I had eaten dinner (see, still doing that!), seen the Once upon a time episode that aired on TV (yeah, still watch on that thing!) and even done all my ML stuff. So, it went fairly well even though most of the writing isn't any WOAH SO AMAZING since nothing really interesting happened except a late night discussion between a girl and her pet seagull... but you know, normal things. I managed to get more than my first session. Felt rather nice, even though it kind of felt like word pooping, but you know...

Day 7: 2331 words
Total word count: 17 410 words
Target, day 7: 11 666 words


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