Sunday, November 06, 2016

NaNoWriMo, day 6

I can't believe it's just 6 days in out of 30... it feels like I've been doing this forever! Anyway, my first session went flawlessly today, I banged out 1594 words in an hour and I even liked the words I wrote! When it was like 15 minutes left I was like, let's so how much I can actually get if I write the full hour instead of stopping because I've reached half way point. Clearly almost 1,6k. Amazing!

Second session went fairly well too, I now know that snowflakes are magical (who knew?) and that San Fransisco is the fourth largest city in California.

However, toward the end it was a bit hard to get the words out because I was in a transition passage, I mean they literally went to another city. So... I started writing about stars to get past my goal today.

I had intended to reach 14,5k today since I had almost 12,5k the day before (and I aim for min 2k every day) but after my crazy first session where I accumulated 1,6 words I decided to go for 1k even though only 0,4k was needed to reach my daily 2k goal. Why? Because then I would land on 15k which felt like a nice round number to end with.

And I did it! 1031 words despite not knowing what to say toward the end, so it took me 1h and 15 min to get those out but WORTH IT.

Day 5: 2625 words
Total word count: 15 079 words
Target, day 5: 10 000 words.


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