Friday, November 04, 2016

NaNoWriMo, day 4 + hitting 10k

I'm mush today. It was a hard day. Not only did I have to research a lot of places in New Orleans just to not find what I was looking for, I also didn't know what to do to find the witch they needed to find. I mean I was planning it to be hard for them but did it have to be hard for me too?

First session took 1h and 20 minutes to even get a bit over 900 words. On good days that takes me an hour or less. Second session took around 2h but then I finally crossed the 10k line (which means vegan pizza sometime soon!). I think though that the second session could have gone much easier if I wasn't so hungry for like the last hour or so of it.

Pro tip to myself: stop writing when hungry, just stop that shit and make sure to feed yourself properly, you've been shitty at that since NaNo started. Step up!

Unsure where I want it to go next. I would like to involve Marie Laveau's House of Voodoo but unsure if the people running it would like the ideas I have, it's hard when you involve actual real places. Instead of using one of the owners, maybe I can use a customer there or something. Or maybe a tarot reader, I saw that they had that there. Hm... I also need to answer the question if it will be Grandma or Celia who gets information from that place.

Thankfully I can ponder on that until tomorrow.

*crawls away and dies*

Day 4: 2013 words (written with blood, sweat and tears)
Total word count: 10 360 words (yay, 20% done)
Target, day 4: 6667 words

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