Thursday, November 03, 2016

NaNoWriMo, day 3

I'm not too happy with what I wrote today, I would like to edit that chunk out but I don't know what I would switch it out to so it stays. Unsure if it makes sense and if it takes the story where I want it to go. It's all a bit fuzzy because I cannot decide which route to go which I think adds to the confusion of this part of the story. It was too easy, why would they do these things? The answer is, they would not.

It's because I opted out of adding Marie Laveau to the story because I wasn't sure it would be ok to do so and because of that it's not really doing what I want it to do. Like why would she go to a coffee place to look at a map when she didn't know where to go, why would she use up money on hot coco when they need to save as much as they can and why did they follow this creepy woman to her store - what is the purpose?

In reality, all I wanted was for them to look around, try and find places this witch could be but instead I made it wonky and wrong and went about it the wrong way. I can't remove it though, it's around 2k of words and I don't feel like redoing that much. If it had not been NaNoWriMo I would have.

Ok, so I went back and adjusted the part where they met an evil witch and made her more of a greyscale witch, unclear if she's good or not and gave them a reason to do as I had planned to begin with - to search around on witchy places of New Orleans for the witch they're looking for. Now it feels better.

Day 3: 2066 words 2205 words
Total word count: 8208 words 8347 words
Target, day 3: 5000

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