Sunday, November 20, 2016

NaNoWriMo, day 20

I had planned to write some more than I did today but at the same time I got a bit stuck on what would happen next my focus was shattered into a thousand pieces.


Because I have insane neighbours who either sit in the park outside or on their balconies while there is almost a storm outside (so windy that the wind makes noises!) and talking loudly. They do this once in a while in the dark for some reason, but when it's cold and windy outside? I don't get it.

So I gave up for the night, I had after all gathered enough words to reach my daily goal. It was a both good and bad writing today, one section I had more plans with ended up just being some kind of filler, we'll see if it will be used for what it was intended for or removed all together in the second round.

They have now finally arrived to the city where the sister lives. They just haven't found her yet ;)

Now, I'm finally making dinner because I'm hungry which probably didn't help with my focus problem either. Upside, I have approx 3,2k words left before I can say NANOWRIMO WINNER (ok, shout)!

Day 20: 2189 words
Total word count: 46 774 words (had hoped to reach 47k)
Target, day 20: 33 333 words

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