Wednesday, November 02, 2016

NaNoWriMo, day 2 + hitting 5k

First session went so-so, had to rewrite and redo a bit because it didn't fit as I wanted but I managed to cram out 900 words in one hour which I'm totally ok with since my goal is 1000 words an hour. So I was just 100 words short for my next session. It also meant that I stopped at exactly 5000 words which was the next badge!

That meant I could open the coca-cola I had bought today and have a celebratory glass. I very rarely splurge money on soda so this was rather special for me, it was my 5k award. Next goal is 10k and a vegan pizza.

The second session though I had more fun with. When I ended it I had this feeling I sometimes can get when I read adventurous books "Omg, what will happen next, I'm so excited!" which is a great feeling when it's your own story! I also managed to cram out 1142 words, which meant I met my own goal of 2k a day, despite the lack of 100 words in the first session.

What will happen next in the story you say?
They will leave the pirate and go find a witch. (so cool)

Day 2: 2042 words
Total word count: 6142 words
Target, day 2: 3333 words

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