Friday, November 18, 2016

NaNoWriMo, day 18 (complaint day)

What can I say? My focus is off, all I can focus on is that soon SOON NaNo is over for me, because I'm closing in on 50k and I am just so fed up with this story right now. I mean, I finally get to the part I've been looking forward to for ages and it felt meh. Like really meh. Just a few paragraphs and over and wasn't even that cool or anything, so, meh.

I also tried to have a deep discussion about something but didn't find the words so that ended up meh too. First session finished in an hour or so, second... not so much and involved a lot of writing and deleting.

Uugh, what, have I've gotten second week blues on third week or something? I don't know, right now I don't like where the story have been taken and some of the side plots isn't evolving as I want to get the end I want. I haven't even managed to get the relationship between my main character and her pet right. It just isn't right. I've even started to ponder if this whole thing would have been better in first person because of that. Uughhhhh.

And I've had too much coffee so I will probably be wide awake when the sun goes up...

Day 18: 2148 words
Total word count: 42 206 words
Target, day 18: 30 000 words

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