Thursday, November 17, 2016

NaNoWriMo, day 17 + hitting 40k + no more research (hopefully)

I hit 40k, yay! Less than 10k left until I've won NaNoWriMo but it's probably more than 10k before the story is finished. I was planning on celebrating my 40k feat with pizza. I had the pizza kit, I had the pineapple rings (bought today!), corn, red onion and vegan cheese, except I didn't have the cheese. The mould had the cheese. So, no pizza for me.

In other words I AM SO HUNGRY WHEN WRITING THIS because I've had no dinner yet, my pizza was supposed to be a 2 in 1 of "Yay 40k" and dinner... ugh. So the last 200 words or so I struggled because I couldn't think straight, the last paragraph I rewrote so many times, I even wrote another paragraph after that which I also deleted so if I had kept it all I'm sure I would have gotten close to 400 words more than I did but alas I can't function when I'm hungry.

I powered through and got something I kind of liked and stopped for the day, if I stopped with what I liked (before hunger took over my brain) I would have been approx 100 words shy of 40k (and yeah that would be too annoying).

The research is over now, which is also a win today! Oh going to be so nice tomorrow to be able to write without googling my ass off and watching photos and 360-views on google maps like I've done every day now.

Btw, something I've noticed this year is that I'm more focused on hitting numbers than I am keeping within 1 hour each session. I think more sessions have gone over 1h than it has not this year, that is rather uncommon for me. Usually I 1h-sprint x2 daily, except when it goes slow and I need more time to reach the 2k goal.

Day 17: 2558 words
Total word count: 40 058 words (YEAH)
Target, day 17: 28 333 words

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