Wednesday, November 16, 2016

NaNoWriMo, day 16

Feeling a bit better today actually. Anyway, first session went so-so because I wasn't expecting their visit to Taj Mahal so be done so quickly so after that I didn't know what to say, after trying a couple of times to spew shit I decided to at least get enough up so it wouldn't be too big of a hurdle the next session. I managed a bit over 700 words. That meant I needed 1,3k in second session.

I did it after some research and a useless trip to the beach for them because I hadn't gotten far enough to figure out where they should go next or even where they would find what they were looking for. But hey...  it worked.

Until next session I need to research more about the Royal Albatross centre and Larnach castle so I can get that stuff out of the way. When those are done they will finally fly back to New Orleans and will no longer need to research ANYTHING because the rest of the story takes place in either places I know or fictional made up places. I can't wait!

In other words, I am so sick of this. I'm even looking forward to my fantasy novel(s) because there I don't have to care about real word limitations or researching places, I just need to figure them out after coming up with them myself. I have realised, that is way easier.

Let's just say the likelihood of me writing a historic novel is less than 10% (I'm not saying never but yeah...).

Day 16: 2210 words
Total word count: 37 500 words (closing in on 40k-badge!!)
Target, day 16: 26 666

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