Monday, November 14, 2016

NaNoWriMo, day 14

Not feeling so well today. I ran with the first session because I wasn't sure I would be able to write much later, either due to health or to food coma. I managed to get 1,5k and then I left to the grocery store.

It wasn't until my second session that I realised that my plan for them to go to St Petersburg was a bad one since they're no gay friendly over there. I had to rethink my whole plan and all of the research went down the drain. I opted for New Zeeland, where is unsure yet so every mention is written as [place] in the novel so far.

So annoyed with myself for not realising this earlier. Even had an idea about a long lost friend of Grandma who would take them to the Bolshoi ballet. Now, nah. And I really wanted a second friend of Grandma to pop somewhere and give some more insight to this elusive woman. Oh well.

I did however manage to get over 1k, even though I told myself it would be fine if I could only muster 500 words in my second session. I feel my novel is crap though. Sigh. Upside, first time the NaNo system gives me a number under 1k for the "Words per day to finish one time", it now says 999 words. ;)

Not doing so hot right now. Hopefully better tomorrow.

Day 14: 2480 words
Total word count: 33 030 words
Target, day 14: 23 333 words

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