Saturday, November 12, 2016

NaNoWriMo, day 12

I've felt like a ferret on fire today. Usually I do my first session early afternoon but not today, today I didn't have time until where I usually do my second. So everything got late and I had to do research which also took more time than anticipated but didn't make me any wiser. I was stressed out because other plans also fell through and I wondered if I would manage to get all the 2k done before midnight. I hope for better day tomorrow.

Also! Every place they visit that exists in real life usually don't even make 1k words. In other words, that is a lot of fleshing out that needs to be done on those parts when I edit it. But I mean I can't write something that I don't know. I can't write about what you see and do and feel down in the catacombs of Paris because I have no idea. I also don't want to go more than general because if I write too detailed and it's not accurate I still need to edit it, so I rather leave it bare boned and flesh it up later.

I did however manage to reach my daily goal today. It was all right. What took most of my time and made me stress was the research. If I read it in French (which I don't understand) stuff was fully explained, in English... well then it started to be fuzzy so I tried to use the English pages and translate the French in google translate to get some kind of picture... yeah...

I did write a  big chunk toward the end which I deleted because it didn't take the direction I wanted, if I had kept it I would have had more words (like 200+) but nah.

Anyway! It goes forward! Tomorrow they're going to pick up some snowflakes.

Day 12: 2035 words
Total word count: 28 275 words
Target, day 12: 20 000 words

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