Friday, November 11, 2016

NaNoWriMo, day 11 + hitting 25k

I hit 25k today in my first session, and then some! Felt awesome to be half way but also two thoughts appeared:
A) shit, do I have enough?
B) shit, do I have too much?
which contradict each other but I still don't know if it's A or B. Maybe I'm rushing things way too much so I will end up at A even though I have stuff for B? Right now I feel that's a risk.

Anyway, really liked the first session where the emotions flew high and parts of the second session because then I got to explain something more thorough than the first time it happened and it felt nice, especially since now know how the sister looks like! (Well aware I should have known this approx 25k ago but better late than never as they say)

The only real speed bump today was half hour into my second session when I started to feel sleepy because I had had dinner like an hour before. Ugh but I kind of powered through it and at least got the words down even though I think most of it could be cut out.

Also, saying as I've said before: Grandma is awesome! I like digging into her past, giving bits and pieces here and there.

Day 11: 2234 words
Total word count: 26 240 words
Target, day 11: 18 333 words

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