Thursday, November 10, 2016

NaNoWriMo, day 10

Got the badge for updating 10 days in a row today, yay! It also went fairly well, they did one activity which I wrote fairly short about because I have no idea how to explain and describe a pony ride on Iceland. It was easier however to explain a boat ride to watch for whales, mainly because I described Grandma being seasick (aww poor her).

I really do hope to be able to go to all the places I write about as a job journey so I can flesh out each part more. It's not so easy when all you get is some photos and maps on google. It's hard to describe the smell, the view, the feeling from that (and sometimes how things work).

Despite that it's going rather well. I also feel I'm doing ok with the research except when I get further ahead in the story than I've researched for xD That means some word poop and cuddly or cute tiems.

Anyway, today my goal was 24k since that was a bit over 2k but a nice round number, which would also mean that tomorrow I would reach half-way point! I nailed it.

Day 10: 2218 words
Total word count: 24 006 words (see, nailed it!)
Target, day 10: 16 666 words

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