Saturday, November 26, 2016

My two cents about Gilmore Girls revival [SPOILERS]


[I mean it, come back when you've seen all four episodes]

I binge watched all four episodes in one go so it was basically one very long movie, now when I think back it is a little hazy of what happened exactly in each episode... I also needed to sleep on it before I could collect my thoughts here. And now, here we are.

I thought it was lovely - it captured the feel of Stars Hollow and Gilmore Girls again, that cozy wrapped up feeling of everything will be all right and everyone care for each other. It was too bad that some characters only made an appearance (I get it, people are busy, but still) and I was sad that Lane didn't get any real storyline - she deserves more. Overall I liked these four episodes a lot, I was in a bubble while watching them.

I would also like to bring up that I've seen some complain that they didn't like that Rory struggled since she was made out to be some kind of star to be in the first GG, but I disagree. It fits with what many of my generation is struggling with (me included). Also, if it had not been for that then she wouldn't have been home enough to have quality time for her mum (the essence of the series), she wouldn't had been able to save the Gazette or write the book about her and her mum. Think about that before you complain.

Some things I really loved:
  • Emily in jeans and t-shirt - omfg!
  • The proposal scene
  • The life and death brigade outing
  • Seeing Lane's dad!
  • Secret bar scene
  • That Lane's and Zack's band is still together
  • The wedding scene, so beautiful (though I would have loved to see the big party for all of Stars Hollow too - it would have been so amazing. A real Stars Hollow moment.)
I've probably forgotten something, I'm sure, so many wonderful moments. Now, to the ending.

The shocker that Rory is pregnant. But when you think about it, it's not that big of a shock since basically all four episodes had the theme full circle and that Rory gets pregnant without having a man in her life is a nod to Lorelai.

There's been a lot of discussions who the father is... I think mostly by people (like me) who aren't team Logan. I am pretty sure (sadly) that it's Logan's child. Why? Because that's the only person we see Rory being intimate with and then we have her discussion with her father. She asks Christopher about how he felt about not being involved in her growing up, which then was framed in the light of a personal question but also for the book about her and her mum she's writing, in hindsight it's more about the situation she's in I'd say, since Logan is engaged to Odette and lives in another country.

Some people say it might be Paul (the forgettable boyfriend) but I say not likely since they didn't seem to meet in a long time, and that's one of the reasons he broke up with her. But you know, there's always a slim chance she forgot the sex. Some mention the wookie and I say nah, Rory would be showing if it was that guy and she's not so irresponsible to have unprotected sex with a stranger. And then there's team Jess who say maybe they hooked up off screen, he did look at her longingly through the window and Luke asked if there was something there. However much I would like this idea I don't think that's it either, Rory's affection seemed to lie with Logan.

However, I feel that Jess might still be a future contender for Rory's affection because if we go full circle as the theme has been then Logan is Christopher and Jess is Luke. Clearly Jess have feelings for Rory even though he says he don't do Luke but I think Rory right there don't see Jess as more than friend, but neither did Lorelai with Luke in the beginning...

I really want there to be more Gilmore Girls, it would be fun to see Rory pregnant - oh the food chaos, and who she would be as a mother. But most of all, I want to be right - I want her to end up with Jess no matter if he's the dad or not, not Logan.

What's your two cents, do you agree with me?

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