Monday, November 21, 2016

Hitting 50k on day 21 of NaNoWriMo

50 000 words have been gushing out of my fingers the last 21 days! Or rather a bit more actually but I'll come to that! NaNoWriMo estimated I would win tomorrow, and frankly so did I, I thought I would write the last 1k or so tomorrow but apparently I showed both me and NaNo!

I also experienced the most feels today, Celia finally found her sister and I could barely keep it together while they did so, needed to breathe deeply to keep myself from crying. Just thinking about the scene that I would write while doing my weekly grocery shopping almost made me cry!

My first session that I did in 1 hour I spewed out 1529 words. Amazing. I stopped because I wasn't sure what would happen next and I needed to do grocery shopping before Once upon a time began (just barely made it home). After Once upon a time at 21:00 (9pm) I sat down to write the scene in which Celia sees her sister and then the aftermath of that. I kept on going, I was on a roll and I didn't want to end, the words just kept on coming.

When I finally decided to stop for the night, mostly because I was unsure what would happen next I had accumulated 50 615 words and thus won. I had raced past 50k, usually I stop right after so I can validate but this time I kept on going. In other words I sat 1h and 50 minutes and wrote 2312 words!

Right away I walked over with my usb to my other computer (I wrote on a slowpoke netbook usually which I would be grey before a browser would be up and running on) and updated my word count and then validated. Word says 50 615 words. NaNoWriMo says 50 666 words (heh, I like the number) and who am I to say no to more words!

My goal to finish was set to 25th of November. NaNo has since a pretty long time now estimated the 22nd (or 23rd). I did it in 21 days. Crazy. More crazy is the amount of words today. The only more productive day than today was the first day of NaNo this year when I wrote 4100 words.

Also, one last thing! Best part about winning NaNoWriMo (except hitting 50k) is the cute little celebration video from the staff you get on the winning page. I love it!

Day 21: 3841 words (2nd most productive day!)
Total word count: 50 615 words
Target, day 21: 35 000 words

Note, above stats go by the numbers BEFORE the validation since all other updates have done so too, it is most accurate that way since I cannot say which days those extra words come from.

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