Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Creative differences: me, my dad and step mum

My dad and step mum bought me a colouring book and pens this summer to keep my mind occupied from all the shit it wanted to focus on. My step mum were like "when you colour you can't think of anything else" and my dad were like "because you need to focus on staying within the lines", when they spoke it sounded like rocket science.

Then I hadn't coloured in a while so I didn't say anything about it, because maybe they were right?

As I started filling in my first page in the colouring book I realised that they were not right. While drawing I can think of a thousands things, I can have conversations in my head, I can also think of what colour to use next and what to have for dinner or on something that happened 10 years ago. My mind goes all over the place because I don't have to focus on the drawing, not like my step mum seem to do anyway.

It wasn't until today that I could really pinpoint why. My dad and step mum aren't creative/artistic, especially not my dad (he's tone deaf, can't play an instrument, can't draw or anything of the sort). My step mum do play some piano, have been in choirs (do her singing isn't good), she has done some jewellery by instructions but she's not a creative/artistic person in general. Sure, they both enjoy watching theatre and such but doing it themselves nah.

Then we have me: I have drawn since someone gave me a pen, I've been acting, I've written stories of varied length since I learned how to write, I photograph for more than "let's document this moment" and I create jewellery from my own mind's ideas and create other knick-knacks like Christmas ornaments. I'm worlds apart from my dad and step mum. So, of course drawing wouldn't be rocket science for me, it's just colour theory in action ;)

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