Saturday, October 29, 2016

The question I always get about 50k words [NaNoWriMo]

Every time I mention I'm going to write a book in November I don't get the "Oh cool, what's it about?" question, I get the "How many pages are that?". All I want to do is head desk.


50 000 words isn't a set amount of pages. It depends on the size of page, the size of the font and what font. The difference can be a 100 pages or more with these things in mind,

I used a calculator-thing at a self publishing site and it said:
Arial, size 12, A5 = 222,2 pages for 50k
Arial, size 10, A5 = 146 pages for 50k
So, no I cannot give you a number.

Instead, maybe google the lengths of some books to give a better idea of how much that is. Some examples:
47,094 – The Great Gatsby – F. Scott Fitzgerald (Not a NaNoWriMo-winner)
49,459 – Slaughterhouse-Five – Kurt Vonnegut (Not a NaNoWriMo-winner)
56,695 – As I Lay Dying – William Faulkner (NaNoWriMo-winner)
58,428 – The Wind in the Willows – Kenneth Grahame (NaNoWriMo-winner)
Stats taken from here.

It would be nice if at least ONE person I tell would ask me to at least tell them the short synopsis of the book. Not even my parents have asked me this, they seem to feel it's a nuisance and change topic right after "Ok". Would be nice to have some people rooting for me you know.

Two questions to you readers:
1. Have you gotten any stupid/weird questions about your writing, if yes, what?
2. Who in your life support your writing?

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