Sunday, October 16, 2016

Sexist crap in Bones

*Spoiler alert*

I am so fed up with the sexist crap on the TV series Bones, I've let a lot of it slide but the episode I watched today really took the cake: s9ep14.

Cam is being honoured as an outstanding woman of science in a magazine, which Brennan is against since she feels she should be awarded this* and even Cam cannot take full pride in this because of Brennan which is so wrong. She therefore contact the magazine and tell them to honour Brennan and Angela too since it's a joint effort by them at Jeffersonian.

So, the magazine sends them a package with outfits for the photo shoot where they and nine other women will be "honoured" by wearing bikinis with faces of other scientists like Marie Curie. Nothing more than a scientific issue of Playboy or a pin-up calendar. Brennan is all for this when she hears what other female scientist have agreed to this, even putting on the bikini. Cam and Angela are more hesitant at the beginning which I think has more to do with them not knowing how Brennan will react rather than they being hesitant to the whole idea.

The magazine wouldn't ask 12 male scientist to pose in tangas as they are being "honoured" as outstanding men of science. And no, it doesn't make it better to excuse the whole thing by saying the magazine needs money. It is simply sexist.

Also! I don't feel this is something Brennan would have been positive too if she was real, as an anthropologist she's well aware of the gender issues. It's like a pin-up calendar, it doesn't highlight these women's work, it reduces them to objects to drool at.

This isn't the first time the writers have forced Brennan to do something that is against the character's natural behaviour (catching of the bouquet at Booth's mother's wedding) and it's not the first time the show's been sexist and the women accepted it.

Last time that comes to mind right now is when Nigel-Murray confessed to things he had done while drunk. To Hodgins he had only peed in his aquarium but to Cam, Brennan and Angela he had not only done similar crazy things like he did to Hodgins (like wearing Brennan's iguana as a hat to a party) but he had also told friends and co-workers (thus people who work with Cam, Brennan and Angela) that he had slept with all three of them. Not ok, so not ok but all three are fine with this, accept this as just some shitty thing he did while drunk. The writers didn't need to take it so far as him claiming to have sex with them, it could have been enough with the other stupid things he did. They also could have just let him tell his friends, not the co-workers too.

I really liked Nigel-Murray and cried my eyes out when he died since he seemed like a sweet guy, except this forced crap the writers pulled. I feel more often than not that the writers do an injustice now and then to the characters by forcing them to do things that wouldn't be normal to them just to get the story where they want it, or to shock the viewers or even to make things happen to characters just to steer the story in a special direction but they do not do it in a natural way.

I felt for example that killing off Nigel-Murray was only so they could get Booth and Brennan in bed so she could get pregnant since the actress was pregnant. There are so many other ways they could have solved that, but it was an easy quick-fix to break Brennan's wall by killing off a character in her arms and thus making it possible for them to hook up. Ugh!

And one last thing. Have anyone else noticed that when Christine is in an episode it's only Brennan who actively do stuff with her like feeding, playing or holding her. Booth barely ever actively do anything with her, closest thing is him walking with the stroller with a sleeping Christine in it. I feel they should have more actively shown both of them interact with the kid, equality you know...

Anyway, just some thoughts I've had that have been building up and exploded with the latest episode. I feel Bones would have been so much better if the writers would have been better, for so many reasons and today I aired some of them. We'll see if I will air some of my other annoyances with the writers of the show some other day. I will however soon list my favourite characters!

*A whole other discussion but it's one thing to think one is great in one's field, another to basically not let anyone else shine, especially since a lot of the work she does is dependent on other people's finding - a lot of cases wouldn't have been solved if it hadn't been for Hodgins for example. Cam is an outstanding scientist in her own right, and it has nothing to do with Brennan since they do not work in the same field, their fields just overlap (flesh - bone).

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