Saturday, October 29, 2016

NaNoWriMo goal awards

On NaNoWriMo you get badges for doing some stuff, there are for example badges for word counts. I'm planning on awarding myself every time I hit a new level.

1667 - TBA
5000 - a 2 litre coca-cola
10 000 - TBA (pizza?)
25 000 - Harry Potter manuscript
40 000 - TBA
50 000 - a visit to Tivoli in Copenhagen / Gilmore girls

Goal day to reach 50k: 25th of November.

In 2014 I hit the goal the 26th and in 2015 I hit the goal the 22nd. I like to have some extra days to spare just in case shit happens. If I write 2k a day as I always aim to do I should finish on the 25th so this year I will set that as goal. I've never been the one to hand in stuff last second ;)

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