Friday, October 21, 2016

Female vs male squinterns and the character type possibilities

Has anyone thought about how all the male interns have different distinguishable personalities but the two female ones (Ms Wick and Ms Warren) are rather similar with talking fast, getting reprimanded for saying things they shouldn't, being know-it-alls and craving dr Brennans approval plus interested in Sweets?

It struck me in s9ep23 when we first get to be acquainted with Ms Warren, it immediately struck me how similar she was with Ms Wick. The only differences I noticed is that Ms Warren seem to be smarter and more forward than Ms Wick who is slightly more nervous type.

The male interns however...
Dr Addy - genius, awkward, probably autistic
Mr Nigel-Murray - fact spewer, slightly awkward, a bit anxious
Mr Fisher - quirky, depressed, melancholic, funny in a dark way
Mr Edison - uptight, organised, structured
Mr Bray - calm, well rounded person, nice
Mr Viziri - a mix between Mr Edison and Mr Bray*
Dr Wells - smart, knows a lot, can be a bit of a douche
Mr Abernathy - southern, warm, friendly, smart

I do hope they will separate the two females more the more we see of Ms Warren. I also feel it's a shame there are so many male interns when there are three strong women leading the way at the Jeffersonian: Dr Saroyan, Dr Brennan and Mrs Montenegro-Hodgins, why not even out the intern ratio between the sexes?

A lot of the male interns also border on being caricature characters instead of well rounded (believable) people. It would be interesting to see a female Fisher or Nigel-Murray but that rarely (if ever) happens, men can be all kinds of character types while women usually is put into a narrower field of character types. We need to broaden the character types for women more.

*at least now when he's dating Dr Saroyan and we see more of him, in the beginning he seemed to be a token Muslim to show that Muslims are "just like you and me", they just pray a lot, I like that they made him more a well rounded character.

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