Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Can't have two characters with the same purpose

Spoiler of Bones s10ep2!

Oh my gawd, how shoddy can they run this thing? If you introduce another character that seem to have the same purpose as another the viewer know the first one is going to be replaced! You can't have two extras, Batman doesn't have two Robins.

I had a gut feeling that when agent Aubrey first reared his face it would be the end of Dr Sweets since they had the same Robin-purpose to Booth (Batman) and since Sweets didn't seem to have any reason to leave on his own the only viable outcome would be him dying.

If this had happened in earlier seasons when Sweets struggled with his position at the FBI then it could have been a less violent end to the character in the series, it then would have been possible for two outcomes: death or new job. Usually though most TV series go with the death option when they want to write out a character for whatever reason.

I would have been more surprised if they had waited to introduce Aubrey until the episode after Sweets death. I think it was poorly done, at least if they wanted a surprise element. When Nigel-Murray died I was surprised, now I just waited for when it would happen. It still got me though, I cried. It just should have been handled better.

Sad to see Sweets go, he was one of my favourite characters.

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