Tuesday, October 04, 2016

Bones and the jerky development

When watching Bones I sometimes feel like I've missed something or like there's scenes cut from the episodes because I don't always follow the leaps. I even started to feel a bit crazy there for a while but I don't think it's me, I think it's a writing issue.

[Spoilers! If you have seen past s5ep16 of Bones you can read this]

Timeline is so-so I feel. It's confusing how much time there has been between each episode. What first threw me for a loop was when Angela and Hodgins discussed moving in together and it seemed they would not and then not long after that Hodgins asks her to marry without the living situation even being sorted out on screen. Later the watcher find out that they haven't solved the living situation despite being engaged.

Development in this series is a bit jerkily.

I just watched season 5 episode 16 where they go through the first case Brennan and Booth worked on. First off, it didn't feel correct at all, it definitely felt like a hindsight kind of thing where they just tried to fill in some gaps but I didn't feel it fitted well, it mostly felt like they crammed stuff in there to explain things how they are now (for example that we learn how Booth decided to rebel against FBI dress code all of the sudden after a comment by Brennan when barely knowing her). I didn't feel they fully evolved back the characters to the point in time it should be and that some things were just added for the heck of it (like the dress code). It also went from "Nah we don't love each other" in the beginning of the episode to "I want to to try / I can't be with you, my heart isn't open / I have to let you go" at the end which is rather 0-100%. It showed they both have been acutely aware of them liking each other, otherwise Brennan wouldn't cry, she would handle it logically and say no to Booth when he says he wants to try.

The episode didn't sit right with me.

Can't really find the words for what I'm trying to pin point here, maybe I will delve further into this another time but here are my first thoughts on the matter.

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