Thursday, September 15, 2016

Who undresses the heroine?

Have you ever pondered when a heroine of a show or movie wakes up in a room of some sort with a whole different outfit, than before she was unconscious, who it is that undresses her and how? Yeah, I have.

I watched the last season of Continuum (great show, watch it!) and in a scene Kiera wakes up a white room, a different outfit than she had moments ago and all I can think is "Who did the undressing?" and then several other such scenes flashed in my memory (The 100 has it for example). Every time the woman wakes up not once does she go "Where the fuck are my clothes??" or even seem to care that she has a whole new outfit on unless they have stripped her of something vital like her gun. I don't know about you but I would feel very uneasy if I woke up on a bed in a locked room with a new outfit on, wondering what happened while I was unconscious but in movies and tv they seem to be like "shit happens" about that part, not even questioning it. I would wonder what they've done to me and my mind would spring to mind all kinds of worst case scenarios.

Then my next ponder is, who is the poor bastard who need to do the job? How does it work? Do they drag this unconscious person into a room and tell some low ranking person "Hey you, undress her and put this on" or how does it work? Are there more than one who does the job? What do these people do on normal days, when soldiers/higher ups don't drag unconscious people into their lair? And who decides what the person wear (if it's not like a hospital gown)?

I especially wonder about this in settings like when Milla Jovovich wakes up with barely nothing on in Resident Evil, I know it's so teen boys can drool and jerk off (more money to the film industry, yay!) but if we for a moment think that was a real life situation with no cameras... like, what happened? Did they run out of fabric or what? And since she didn't seem to have anything underneath, how long did they stare at her naked body and what did they do to it? And why even bother with that tiny bit of fabric?

So many questions! All I can say is that I neither want to be the undress/dress person nor the person being undressed/dressed - both seems like getting the short end of the stick.

What's your thoughts?

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