Monday, September 12, 2016

TV-series: Velvet and not knowing what will come

Usually when I watch something and I get curious if they hint at a secret or something along those lines I google because usually someone have written about it so I can quench my curiosity. However, when watching Velvet (Spanish speaking series) the best I get is some Spanish sites with little to no information about what I want to know so I have no other choice than to sit and wait for it to be revealed in-show.

It makes me feel like sometimes this show goes too slow, I want to know now now now. For example, one character had something happening in the past which we've gotten tiny tiny pieces of over several episodes and still there is no full picture of what happened and all I want is a neat article online which tells me the whole thing! Instead I have to wait and wait and follow along all other story arcs patiently as more pieces is slowly dropped in between everything else that is going on.

I like watching TV-series and movies from other countries, which is one upside with Netflix because it gives me more series from more countries than Britain and US which dominate the TV here in Sweden. I've seen South Korean movies, Japanese series, Spanish series and so on. It widens my perspective.

It does mean though that it's harder to sneak peek on what will come. Velvet especially, which is to begin with a rather slow pace series, makes me restless because I can't look anything up. Before Velvet I didn't even know the need I had for that, but then again, after watching the season four finale of New girl I read ahead of what is happening in season 5 because I was curious, so really it shouldn't have been a surprise!

Velvet btw, is well worth a watch! Beautiful scenery, great writing and lovely acting. Interestingly enough I'm rooting not for the title pair but a whole other one which is way more interesting than all the other couples combined. And really, I think this is one of the few shows I still continue to watch even though I despise so many characters which I would love to see slip on a banana peel and die.

(Written after s2ep3)

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