Tuesday, September 27, 2016

The forced relationship on Bones [spoilers]

12 episodes into season 2 of Bones I need to lift something with ya'll. Something that has been bugging me. Spoilers ahead!

Since I have seen an episode here and there over the years I do know that Booth and Brennan end up together and one can see the signs of it from how they lock their eyes sometimes, how they have their faces really close and how Booth touches Brennan. It's not like the sparks are flying but it's something there. On the other side we have Hodgins and Angela...

I'm assuming here that Hodgins and Angela have at least worked a couple of months with each other by the time of the pilot episode without any sparks flying, so what changed? Maybe I missed something but to me it just felt like out of thin air Hodgins started to feel something and nudge lightly lightly and then Angela started to reciprocate those nudges and then it just took off from there.

Their relationship didn't feel organic, it felt forced. It felt like the writers felt like they wanted them together come hail or rain. What do they have in common, more than love of swings and working at the Jeffersonian together? And as said, what changed?

Usually something need to change for friends or co-workers to see each other in a new light, to shift from any other person to someone they like a bit more than that. I didn't notice any such shift. Thus it felt unnatural to me. I feel it should have taken longer from Hodgins started to feel something to handing out roses and asking out on dates.

I know there is time passed between each episode but I don't feel such important relationship development should be off screen. The audience should more clearly see what grows, like with Booth and Brennan.

We can take Beckett and Castle (from the TV-series Castle) too, there were something between them for a long time, you could see it grow, take steps forward and some backwards until the crescendo. I cannot say much about the development of Booth and Bones since I've never seen it but from what I've seen so far it's like a mild version of Beckett and Castle.

To me Hodgins and Angela went from 0% to 20% and then 50% and so on in a very short amount of time. Too much development jumps, especially since there were 0% spark between them when the whole series began (in my opinion).

I don't mind them as a couple, I just felt it could have been handled better.

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