Thursday, September 08, 2016

The breast reduction storyline in TV-series

Today I watched New girl s4ep7 and was yet again bombarded by the man who cannot come to terms with the woman he loves wants a breast reduction because he loves her boobs too much. I am so tired of this, especially that the woman in question doesn't just tell the guy off but is understanding of his struggles!

If I wanted a breast reduction and a man in my life needed to say goodbye to my boobs I would take a hard and long thinker if I want said man in my life.

In New Girl Cece wanted a breast reduction because basically all women in her family have back problems, Schmidt who likes her (this really isn't a spoiler, this was setup from s1ep1) gets crushed by the idea. He goes through the five stages of mourning and at crashes in on Ceces consultation to say good bye to her boobs, which Cece goes along with by dropping the hospital gown and listening to music while he does so. Sure, he does at one point say it's ok whatever size they are during this good bye but not enough, I don't even understand why this storyline was even necessary.

Another such storyline I remember is when Charlie in Two and a half men learns that his fiancé Chelsea is thinking about a breast reduction because of back pains and he too behaves childishly about it, just as Schmidt instead of supporting the idea. He too need to "say good bye to the boobs" and complains how he will miss them and so on. Chelsea bears the same understanding smile just as Cece does and let him continue instead of calling him on it.

This would never happen if the woman for example have small boobs and is thinking about enlarging them, then the man always think it's a good idea but it's the same principle: the boobs will change. But of course men only like big boobs according to our society so going big is always better than going from big to smaller because then we most mourn the loss of to lumps of fat, so really it's not about a loss of the boobs the man likes but a loss of the size of them.

So please, can we drop that shitty trope?

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